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Huia Hamon has been producing and releasing music for over 15 years and has been actively involved in the productions. A co-manager of Kog Studio and Kog/Chief (Label) she is also an active touring Musician, Producer, Publicist, Voice-Over artist, Engineer and global indigenous music networker. 

As an award-winning producer and musician, she is able to give advice about a number of Music Industry areas including - Artist Development, Music Production and Producing, Practical guidelines for release, Tour management, Publicity and Independent Music Label hacks. She is also involved in the foundation of many festivals, mentoring for non-binary/femme and rangatahi and te reo Māori music.

Huia can also advise on how to move your music overseas through various radio/media channels. As an advocate and founding member of MPGNZ, her focus is also on artist and studio wellbeing, including safe spaces and creating a healthy studio environment

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