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Wulfie a.k.a Tim Heeringa is a music producer and performer from Otautahi, NZ. 

As well as producing his own work, he has worked with many artists over the past few years including; Prins, Dillastrate, Loveta, Blindfolded and led to the Woods, Kei and more!


From Disco grooves to heart wrenching tales of woe behind an acoustic guitar; Tim is passionate about the song.

Key Skills

  • Genres: Disco/Funk, Pop, EDM, Rock, Acoustic

  • DAWs: Ableton, Logic Pro, Ableton Live

  • Music Production, Engineering, and Mixing

  • Synthesis and sample manipulation

  • Bachelors Degree majoring in Guitar

  • Instrument writing

  • Beat creation and VSTs 

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