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Jayde is a passionate and dedicated Audio Director who has made significant contributions to the gaming industry. Currently serving as an Audio Director at PikPok, he has had the privilege of working on highly acclaimed titles such as "Into the Dead 2," "Kung Fu Clicker," "Dungeon Inc.," and "Doomsday Clicker," which received the prestigious Play by Play Award for Excellence in Audio.


With a background in theatre composition, SFX design, and music production for various artists worldwide, Jayde brings a diverse set of skills to his role. Notably, he has had the pleasure of collaborating with talented acts such as Callum, Kadington, Times x 2 and Burn My Shadow. Through these collaborations, Jayde has been able to lend his production expertise and help these artists elevate their music to new heights.


Outside of his work at PikPok, Jayde is deeply involved in the music industry. He proudly runs a record label called "Burn My Records," where he showcases his passion for nurturing and promoting talented artists. Through "Burn My Records," Jayde strives to provide a platform for musicians to share their unique voices and create meaningful connections with listeners.


Driven by a genuine love for his craft and a deep appreciation for the power of sound, Jayde continually strives to push the boundaries of audio design and composition. While his accomplishments speak for themselves, he remains humble and grateful for the opportunities he has had in the industry. As an Audio Director, Jayde is honored to be a part of shaping the future of audio in gaming and beyond.

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