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MISSY (aka writer-producer Abigail Knudson) delivers a distinctive, idiosyncratic blend of electro-baroque goth-pop. As one reviewer commented: “If Kate Bush and Brian Eno had a baby, it would be MISSY.” 


MISSY has released three albums to date: 2022’s Total Nightmare, and the twin-album release, Major Arcana and Minor Arcana (2021). The albums follow-up her critically acclaimed EP (Strange, 2019). She regularly features on Spotify editorial playlists, and the single Dark Side is currently the most popular with Spotify listeners with over 700,000 streams.


Hailing from a musical upbringing in Dunedin, New Zealand (her mother is Choir Director for Knox Church, her uncle Todd Knudson is drummer for the legendary indie band The Chills), Abigail moved to NZ’s music capital of Auckland and quickly established herself as both an electric performer and a talented producer/composer/writer.


Abigail has been a producer-participant at Mind Your Music’s Aotearoa Sync-Posium (Auckland, 2021 and 2023), a producer-facilitator at APRA (writer PRO) Songhubs The Tower (Sydney, 2021), Songhubs Auckland (2020), and Songhubs Dunedin (2022); a writer-producer participant at the all-female Songhubs Spheres (Auckland, 2018), a producer participant at the Aotearoa Music Producer Series 2018, and an artist participant at the same event in 2019 working alongside 3-time Grammy winner Andrew Scheps. She also sits on the artist advisory boards of SAE Media Institute and the Music Producers Guild NZ.


“As a producer, I find that nurturing confidence is a crucial part of my work, especially with younger musicians. Letting them know they can take charge, explore sounds and styles, discover for themselves what fits into their world, and how not to get dominated others opinions.”

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