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Anna Edgington aka Edie, is a producer/composer/vocalist. Her musical journey began as a vocalist, but her ability to craft sound and create evocative sonic worlds through music production soon expanded her musical horizons. Anna is celebrated for her innovative and unique production which often utilises and manipulates many aspects of the voice - turning the voice into dreamy pedals, synths, samples, rises and percussion.  As a vocalist, producer and composer, she has worked with the likes of Pacific Heights, Rhian Sheehan,  Riki Gooch (Cave Circles), Movement of the Human, WoW, Threading Frames and a number of film and TV composers based in NZ and LA, including upcoming internationally acclaimed film composer Emily Rice. 

Anna has just finished a creative practice PhD at CoCA Massey looking at ways to increase more gender diversity in music production in Aotearoa. She is also working with friend and collaborator Estère Dalton developing Blue Riot Records - reimagining what it means to be a music label, and is also exploring ways that new technologies might help generate more sustainable incomes for musicians and producers now and into the future.

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