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Toby Lloyd is a Wellington based Music Producer/Mixing Engineer who runs Tiny Triumph Recordings. He has been fortunate enough to work with the likes of Shapeshifter, Hollie Smith, Stan Walker, Rob Ruha, Nightmares on Wax, Louis Baker, Dr Reknaw and MaraTK as well as working in the film industry as a Score Mixer on films like Savage, Stylebender and Nude Tuesdays and also has worked in the sound teams for films like Avatar 2, The Hobbit Trilogy, Mortal Engines and Hunt For The Wilderpeople.

Key Skills

  • GenresPop, Rock, Indie, Soul, Alternative, Folk, RnB

  • DAWs: Pro Tools

  • Instruments: Guitar, Piano, Drums, Bass

  • Producing/Engineering

  • Produces both full studio band tracking sessions (in multi-miked setups) as well as solo artists in a modern single room production environment where the music is more programmed

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