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Broghan is a sound designer, arranger and composer from Wellington, New Zealand with seven years of industry experience.

Over her career she has created many bespoke compositions for video games, advertising, documentaries and other mixed media projects. She also has a background in music education and enjoys designing semi-generative soundtracks in FMod middleware.

Broghan completed her Bachelor of Music with first class Honors in 2013 and it was shortly after this that she met her best friend (and Audio Director at PikPok) Jayde Marter, and started a business together making bespoke music and SFX for a variety of projects. Broghan and Jayde went on to win several awards for their work and have become well known in the New Zealand game industry for their commitment to creating quality audio content for a variety of different stakeholders. They have also started a record label together.

In her spare time she loves to play music and is a vocalist in several bands around Wellington. She also loves fishkeeping, snowboarding, diving, history, and hanging out with her sisters.

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