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Emily Wheatcroft-Snape is an audio engineer and producer with five years industry experience. She grew up in Tāmaki Makaurau, before studying audio engineering, and starting her career at Roundhead Studios. Emily now works freelance out of her space at Parachute Studios, and for-hire at Roundhead Studios, Parachute Studios, and Big Fan Studios. Recent artists Emily has worked with include Fazerdaze, Tiny Ruins, Te Kaahu, Louisa Nicklin, HINA, Arli Liberman, and Karl Steven.

Key Skills

  • Genres: Indie-Pop, Folk, Alternative Rock, anything with live instruments and is a little quirky

  • DAWs: Pro Tools, Logic (including Garageband)

  • Recording, Mixing and Mastering

  • Vocal Layers

  • Developing concepts and ideas for projects

  • Offer production ideas to elevate your song in its current form

  • Help my clients become more proficient in their DAW to create demos and articulate their ideas

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