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Lee Prebble has established himself as one of New Zealand’s finest engineers and producers, and has worked with bands such as The Black Seeds, The Phoenix Foundation, LAB, Trinity Roots, Dave Dobbyn, Mel Parsons, Fly My Pretties and the Nudge. He began his career studying sound engineering at The NZ Broadcasting School and then spent 3 1⁄2 years as an audio engineer at Marmalade Audio in Wellington before setting up his own studio known as ‘The Surgery’, which has been in operation for over 19 years.


Lee has engineered over 18 Gold selling albums in New Zealand, many of which have reached platinum sales.


-All 4 LAB albums all of which have reached platinum sales.

-5 Black Seeds albums, 2 of which have sold double platinum

-All 7 Phoenix Foundation albums, 3 of which have reached Gold sales

-3 Trinity Roots albums, two of which reached platinum sales.

-All 8 ‘Fly My Pretties’ albums most of which went Gold.

-Mixed Dave Dobbyn’s albums ‘Available Light’ which sold double platinum and ‘Harmony House’.


Lee has also won numerous TUI New Zealand music awards for his engineering and producing.

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