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We set ourselves up as a not-for-profit, incorporated society with a diverse executive board, who’ve happily donated hundreds of hours because we collectively feel it is needed and our industry deserves to be supported.


We decided to set our Guild membership at an affordable $100 per year, with over $2000 worth of resources for our members.


Here's a recap of some things we have achieved as the MPG.



Audio Equipment
Secured a place and voice in the Music Industry weekly Hui, to advocate for Producer and Engineer rights
We have a seat at the table for any music industry-based initiatives, funding opportunities and recognition from the Ministry of Culture and Heritage as an acknowledged as a vital part of the Music Industry of Aotearoa NZ
Created a Producer Fund with NZONAIR and is an ongoing initiative
Answering many members questions to help them understand their rights and obligations
Mentoring session with new producers with Te Māngai Pāho
Conversation with MMF around what Producer Do and Producer Points
Working with Tertiary Institutes and High Schools to assist upcoming producers and engineers through workshops and access
Total commitment to Soundcheck Aotearoa and their guidelines for safe practice

Connecting people to jobs, introducing producers, engineers and projects together
We have aligned with AMPS nationwide, employing local producers, creating community & connection
Creating Databases such as gear technicians, so you can easily find people to fix your favourite gear when it breaks!
Created vital Flow Charts, for public use on the website, to clarify Producer and Mix Splits, Roles, Production Processes and Responsibilities
Created a full website with member channels that Producers can access
A comprehensive FAQ list, direct advice links, and opportunities for mentoring and master classes
Serato Studio and DJ, worth $500 per year for all full Guild members
Gained official Affiliation Deal with Plug-In Boutique to give a payback to MPGNZ for any plugins
Created Producer, Mixer and Session Release contracts for members to use worth over $1500 for use while they are members
Events for Guild members and early access for Masterclasses and Lives with international producers 
AMPS early invites and exclusive spots
Master classes and mentorship with our advisory group

More representation in the Music Industry and link-ups with international Producer and Engineer groups.
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