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There are nine slots available for our Executive Committee.
Please vote for all nominees you would like to stand on the committee.


Voting is open to full MPGNZ members only - complete full membership before 5pm 20th March to qualify.

Voting will close 6pm 20th of March.


Thank you for being involved as part of this important process!

The members standing in our election are :

(click on a picture to read the bios)

Statement from Steve Popham​

I am so proud to have been involved with the MPG since its inception in 2020 and of the progress we have made towards our goals of representing and supporting the production community of Aotearoa. As a practicing accountant and hobbyist engineer, my role on the executive committee has been to bring my 30+ years of experience in many areas of the NZ music industry to help establish the organization and take care of the business administration, a role I have enjoyed immensely.  

In 2024 we are transitioning from the “proof of concept” stage and looking towards continuing to develop the many amazing programmes we have, plus those planned. We have always had a clear goal to represent producers and engineers from all over the motu, and because for the first time since we started we have more candidates for the executive committee than seats, and due to the exceptional caliber of all of these candidates, I have decided to step down from the nominations for re-election to the committee.  

I am enthusiastic and happy to continue to lend my support where it is needed and continue to assist to uphold the robust governance and accountability systems we have in place, including attending executive meetings in an administrative capacity if requested. I have made so many new friends in my time as a MPG executive and am confident that the 9 nominees for the new executive are exactly what the organization needs at this time. I am excited about the MPG's future and wish all the new executives the best.  

Kia kaha & ngā mihi mahana 

Steve Popham 

Studio Zen & Better Records. 

Current Executive Committee members resigning are:


  • Bic Runga

  • Mark de Jong

  • Yee Yang 'Square' Lee

  • Steve Popham


We would like to take this opportunity to thank Bic, Mark, Square, and Steve for all they have contributed to the MPGNZ over their term on the Executive Committee - for their vision, time, and mahi. They will be greatly missed and we look forward to following the contributions they continue to make to the music sector in Aotearoa.

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