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The MPG NZ, with the support of the NZ Music Commission, announces the launch of their pilot programme ĀMIO Mentoring.

ĀMIO means to orbit, roam, and travel around and our hope is that this programme will allow our members to engage in a circular exchange of knowledge that enriches their mahi in the music sector.

We've engaged a range of experts in the Music Production field to join us as mentors, offering our members one-on-one Zoom Sessions, Studio Observations Sessions, and DAW Workshops.

In our Zoom Mentoring Sessions, Full Members were able to request a booking with a mentor of their choice to chat with for 45 minutes, gaining valuable insight from industry professionals. We opened the final spaces to Free Members as ĀMIO Scholarships, closing applications on 29 February.

Applications for Studio Observations Sessions have now closed. Selected applicants were paired with a producer to sit in on a recording session and observe their workflow.

Our final DAW workshop will take place on Thursday, 7 March as a Logic Pro Webinar with David Chechelashvili. Further details are available via the link below.

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