What We Do

Think of us as part of your professional toolkit – if you need help with legal questions, advice on a production, or if you want to contact a network of other producers and the wider music industry, we can help.

When you join us, you get access to industry deals, professional contracts (worth $1000+) Serato deals and you are connected with a network of people like you! Being an MPGNZ Aotearoa member means being part of a community and network. We aim to be your voice, within the industry, when it come to Production rights.

Our resources include:  

  • Producer deal memos and contracts for recording and mixing

  • Advice on royalty points for recording and mixing

  • Payment and accounting processes

  • Access to discounts on recording equipment & software

  • Information on working overseas

  • Lobbying for producers’ rights

  • Assistance with building professional networks

  • Music Industry Directories relevant to Producers



If you're not ready join yet, you can still get involved by:

Signing up to our site for free

Checking out our resources such as the Flow Charts

Sign up to the newsletter

Connecting through our socials and joining the kōrero.

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