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Think of us as part of your professional toolkit – if you need help with legal questions, advice on a production, or if you want to contact a network of other producers and the wider music industry, we can help.

Our exec board is a wealth of knowledge and our Members Area is full of FAQ, directors and advice.

We can also go out to our advisers to help with those tricky quetions.

When you join us you get access to industry deals, personalised contracts ($2000+ value), plug-in giveaways, special AMPS rates and Serato Dj and Studio.


As a part of our production industry, you are connected with a network of people just like you.


Being an MPG Aotearoa Member means being part of a community. We aim to be your voice, within the industry, when it comes to Production professional rights and indclusion.

Click through the images above to find out more!


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